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The driving force behind From the Street to your Feet, is the founder Eric Salinas, who grew up in San Francisco, and after coming back from infantry military service, in the United States Marine Corps, he saw the growing issue of homelessness in California. Eric couldn’t stand seeing other American’s struggle, without having the basic resources needed to survive. He realized that the government wasn’t doing their part to take the problem seriously, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He came up with solution to create a nonprofit designed to hire homeless to clean up the streets of San Francisco (which also helps the problem, that the community, believes the homeless are creating most of the trash in the first place), and to create a video/podcast series, which interviews people that have overcome the struggle that comes from living in the streets. 

From the Street to your Feet was created to be bigger than just helping the homeless but to help American’s get back on their feet, and eventually develop a program (mentor, sports, entrepreneur) to keep kids from ending up on the streets in the first place. The goal of From the Street to your Feet is to bring recognition to the real problem in the streets, which is lack of schooling, financial education (which breeds poverty), and mental health awareness. These issues create a never-ending cycle of hardship, and poverty-stricken communities. From the Street to your Feet will develop itself as a company, to provide strategies, which help overcome mental health difficulties, that accompany and emerge from people who have struggled in the streets. 

From the Street to your Feet will sell designer clothing, and throw fundraisers, to market the brand, to create awareness of its resolutions, to the problems they are standing up for, which are steadily on the rise within American society. Every piece of merchandise sold, will go towards helping the homeless, and building the company toward its other goals of building programs that keep people off the streets. 


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